Global Teikoku Group
Teikoku Group is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of Canned Motor Pump.Over 400,000 units have been installed and operation in worldwide, a completely leak-free design with high reliability, durability and the secondary containment in the most demanding process applications for covering of all industries and environments. Such as petrochemical, chemical, electronics, air conditioning, aerospace, high-speed railway, power plants and other industrial fields.
 Teikoku manufactures canned pump with completely leak-free sealless design and use of the explosion proof motor to provide our customers with the most reliable mechanical and prevent fluid leakage outside in centrifugal pump, especially for an explosion-proof requirements hazardous area and expensive, environmentally sensitive fluid transfer processes.
 Usually, the standard centrifugal pumps are designed pump to link the motor drive with coupling seal separately, so the liquid will leak from the seal of the rotating shaft easily. However, our canned motor pumps are integrated with the motors, the media sealed in cans like as in tank construction, ensure that the liquid does not leak, it can handle flammable, acid and alkali or toxic liquid, especially more significant features of durability at high temperature and high pressure conditions.
 In addition, our canned design makes pump and isolation, no air or other substances are inhaled, and air separation required for system operation, no lubricating oil and coupling seal, it’s not only eliminate the trouble of oiling, nor it will pollute the transmission fluid. Moreover, our canned motor pump has the small operating noise due to no cooling fan, just replace bearings in major maintenance, reducing operating costs. In addition, the motor and pump using the building block into one compact, the overall small size, light weight, small footprint, easy to installation, help the customers reduce installation, maintenance and space-related costs.
Teikoku Group in Japan, China and the United States have manufacturing, service and sales companies. Meanwhile in Germany, Singapore and Korea also have sales and service companies. Taiwan Teikoku was established in 1998 as one of Teikoku Group member companies, through Teikoku group synchronous operation and technical services. In 2012, Taiwan Teikoku was incorporated into Dalian Teikoku company, while the establishment of Teikoku Kaohsiung plant maintenance and technical services, significantly enhance the quality of our sales and customer services .